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Freedom, Goodwill and Transparency. These values are the roots of our community. They feed our culture, our projects and our structure. We leverage the power of technology and processes to work remotely, and without hierarchy. We build tools to maximize transparency and task-automatization across the ecosystem.

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Mangrove members split their time between freelance missions for startups or corporates, projects for fun or profit, and involvement in social and artistic activities. The Mangrove community is global, working from multiple places and continents. We meet in person at our Paris and San Francisco hubs, and go on retreats together to get inspired in surreal workplaces.

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Mangrove members practice intensive collaboration, mutual support and goodwill. Everyday, we help each other improve their skillset, speed-up their projects and accomplish themselves. Frequent P2P learning bootcamps and mentorship sessions fuel our desire to grow.

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