Freedom, Transparency & Goodwill.


Mangrove bets that a new way of working is now possible.
A way of working that allows us to reconcile our aspiration for individual freedom and the strength of a community united by common values. Work shouldn’t be an experience filled with sacrifice or alienation but it should be a means for personal fulfillment.

Mangrove bets on transparency.
Transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of our collaboration. Rather than internal competition, we prefer the exchange of knowledge with constant goodwill. This enables both personal enrichment and collective progress. Transparency makes us more agile and strengthens our community.

Mangrove bets on an organization without hierarchy.
We work at our own pace, in our own way, and wherever we feel best. Our community thrives on the diversity of individual abilities and talents that are able to unfold within it. Such freedom goes hand in hand with our individual responsibility: our work is a commitment to the community and to the rest of society.

Mangrove bets on technology as the main organizational lever.
Scalable technology combined with our values makes us stronger. It allows us to work horizontally in a structured way and to be more effective together while remaining free in our action.

Mangrove is an organic and agile structure.
Mangrove is an ecosystem both open to its environment and anchored with deep roots: we keep evolving but our values never change.

Mangrove's cofounders, January 2016

How does it work?

The Mangrove community works from multiple places and continents. Everyone has several projects in progress. And there’s no boss. You must think it’s a huge mess. Sometimes it is. But most of the time, the processes we have imagined and the tools we have built to make this work, actually work. Our playbook gathers our vision and the processes making this vision come true. It’s constantly updated.

Read our Playbook