Strengthening our Community.

Nomad Airlines

A crew of Mangrove nomads launched this guide to help more people kickstart their digital nomad life. It combines resources for mindfulness or inspiration with really practical tools for productivity & freelance gigs.

Check it out!

Mood Rachid

Our moodbot Rachid asks everyone how they feel, every day. Sharing your mood with the rest of the team helps you take a step back on your day and grasp the overall state of mind of the community. It also creates more opportunities to congratulate or support a teammate when needed.

Pairing Dancers

Every week, the Pairing Dancers will match you randomly with another person of the team. You’ll have to call this person for 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. It’s simple and super useful to strengthen our culture, across the world. We share our progress or difficulties, and figure out ways to help each other.

Mentoring and Demos

Last but not least, we use peer-to-peer processes to support each other’s freelance career & personal projects. On a regular basis, mentoring hours, feedback sessions and public demos take place within the community.